Registration process

The registration process takes place in two steps.

1. Open the pre-registration form and fill in the fields.

Your request for pre-registration must be approved by the administration of the conference. This may take a few days. Once your application is approved, you will receive an e-mail with a link to continue the registration.

2. Click in the link in the e-mail received in response to your request for pre-registration and complete the registration form.

The e-mail will be sent to the address specified in the pre-registration form. It may take a few days between your request for pre-registration and receipt of this e-mail.

Complete the registration form with the same information as in step 1 (same name, same surname, same e-mail address), then validate.

In the following page, column Image rights: if you check No, you agree to be filmed and/or sound recorded during the congress.

In the payment page:

  • Bank card payment, CB, Mastercard or Visa
Leave checked the statement "You are paying the invoice" then validate. You will be redirected to the secured site PAYBOX for the payment. You will receive your customer ticket bank card and the invoice payment in two separated e-mails.

  • Payment by transfer or administrative order form
Check "Someone else or Company pays" then validate. You will receive by e-mail an order form to be transmitted to your accounting service for payment. Once the payment made, you will receive the invoice by e-mail.

Payments are made in Euros.

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