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  • Web Based Hybrid Volumetric Visualisation of Urban GIS data - Integration of 4D Temperature and Wind Fields with LoD-2 CityGML models
J. Congote, A. Moreno, L. Kabongo, J.-L. Pérez, R. San-José, and O. Ruiz
  • A new concept of perceptual fidelity to augment virtual urban environments with microclimatic ambiances
T. Vigier, G. Moreau, D. Siret, and L. Lescop
  • Microscopic transport model animation visualisation on KML base
I. Yatskiv, M. Savrasovs
  • Towards a collaborative and interoperable 3D Building database – A Case study in Walloon Region
R. Hajji, R. Billen
  • Preliminary Investigations into the Potential of Improving Rendering Performance of 3D Datasets using 2D Generalisation
C. Ellul, J. A. Joubran
  • Integration of urban knowledge through visibility studies and pedestrian behavior analysis in Old Bazaar in Skopje
O. Marina, T. Leduc, G. Rabino, S.Gievska, and B.Karanakov
  • Skyline Matching: A robust registration method between Video and GIS
S. Zhu, M. Pressigout, M. Servières, L. Morin, and G. Moreau
  • Detailed modelling of the wind comfort in a city avenue at the pedestrian level
J.H. Amorim, J. Valente, C. Pimentel, A.I. Miranda, and C. Borrego
  • Children exposure to PM levels in a typical school morning
J. Valente, J.H.Amorim, P. Cascão, V. Rodrigues, and C. Borrego
  • 3D spatial information infrastructure: the case of Port Rotterdam
S. Zlatanova, J. Beetz

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